Parkside Capital’s management team now has a successful track record derived over the past five (5) years (2008 – 2012)managing Fund I.Fund I included investment of $35 million of capital from Fund I directly and in ventures with other investors in a total of $80 million of land investments. This access to institutional joint venture capital allowed Fund I to pursue larger deals when appropriate. The management team sourced high-quality deals with safe underwriting to ensure good downside protection. The general partners also demonstrated patience in its investments from 2008 – 2011 so it had “dry powder” to take advantage of the downturn following the financial crisis in 2008. Parkside Capital solved complex entitlement issues which have added value across the Fund I portfolio. The entitlement process has become increasingly more expensive, complex, and capital intensive making it an additional barrier to new investment. Furthermore, understanding the entitlement process both in terms of time and capital allows Parkside Capital to underwrite acquisitions that improve risk adjusted returns for investors.