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West Ten




Parkside Capital Land Fund and Stratford Land purchased 460 acres of commercial land fronting both Interstate 10 and Highway 90 in Katy, Texas. The Texas Department of Transportation and the City of Katy are developing the Cane Island Interchange and Cane Island Parkway which will provide direct access to this tract from Interstate 10 and a boulevard connection to Highway 90, therefore providing excellent access for the entire tract of land. The current plan calls for bulk distribution, flex, back office, office, retail and corporate headquarters sites. The site is served by the City of Katy and therefore has ample utility capacity. Land sites are available to users effective immediately. The excellent transportation corridor, visibility, high quality employee base and close proximity to amenities as well as the Energy Corridor are the drivers for this site. The property will be deed restricted. The mission is to provide a master plan business park environment of high quality so to attract the highest quality users and preserve the long term values for both the tenants and owners in the park going forward.

Land Plan
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